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Enjoy science! French students at the CIAO Observatory of Cnr-Imaa


On April 29th, Cnr-Imaa hosted a delegation of French students and teachers from the Lycée polyvalent, Lycée “Louis Armand” in Nogent-sur-Marne (France) for the exchange of best practices in education, sharing teaching methodologies in the scientific and technological field, and for peer learning among groups of students from different European countries. The delegation, hosted by the HS “Einstein De Lorenzo” in Potenza as part of internationalization and Erasmus+ project activities, made a night visit to the CIAO Atmospheric Observatory (Cnr-Imaa Atmospheric Observatory), which is composed of a set of advanced instruments capable of providing high-quality information on a large number of atmospheric variables (aerosols, desert dust, volcanic ash, clouds, temperature, humidity, wind, greenhouse gases) for the study of meteorology, air quality, clouds, and climate.

In addition to atmospheric observations, students had the opportunity to visit all of the CIAO laboratories, its equipment, and interact with researchers for explanations and questions. Furthermore, they witnessed the launch of a balloon equipped with a radiosonde for meteorological measurements and the performance of lidar measurements of atmospheric aerosols, admiring the laser beams that, sent into the atmosphere, allow exploration.