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All sky camera ASI-16

Contact person:
Aldo Giunta

The ASI-16 All Sky Imager is an automatic camera system with a 180° field of view, utilising a 5MP camera and ‘fisheye’ lens with an anti-reflective, airflow protected, quartz dome.
An integrated ventilator and heater system, dual side surge protection, and wide operating temperature, among other features, position the ASI-16 as one of the most reliable all-sky cameras available.

The system can be used for cloud coverage and cloud type analysis, with cloud base height (CBH) and cloud motion functions. It delivers high-resolution HDR images of the sky and clouds as pre-scheduled network stored JPGs and as a live video stream.

All Sky Camera ASI-16 installed at CIAO

ASI-16 live view of the sky above CIAO observatory

In the top-left corner of the image, the acquisition date is displayed (UTC TIME). 

The orientation of the site corresponding to the image is approximately: North (bottom), South (top), East (right), West (left) 

Image updated every 10 minutes.

Click on the image to enlarge it for a full view.

Last day timelapse

The day timelapse is obtenaind from 143 single images, date and time (in UTC) reported in the top-left corner.

Average video size ~ 20 MB