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Scanning Doppler LiDAR - Halo Photonics Stream LineXR

Contact person:
Marco Rosoldi

Scanning Doppler LiDAR – Halo Photonics Stream LineXR

The Doppler lidar emits laser light pulses at 1.5 μm, with low energy (~ 100 µJ) and high repetition frequency (10kHz). It provides range-resolved measurements of backscattered radiation from atmospheric aerosol/cloud particles and particles’ radial velocity (i.e. the velocity component parallel to the laser beam), based on the Doppler shift of the backscattered radiation. Exploiting the lidar full upper hemispherical scanning capability, air masses vertical and horizontal velocity (i.e. wind vertical and horizontal components) can be estimated through the troposphere, using aerosol particles and/or cloud hydrometeors as tracers. Range and time resolutions of the products provided are user-selectable, with minimum values in the order of 30 m and 1 s, respectively.