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Heidelberg Integrated 14CO2 Sampler (sampling at 100 m)

Contact person:
Davide AmodioLucia Mona

The 14CO2 sampling consists in pumping continuously ambient air over two weeks through a CO2 absorbing sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution. In order to enlarge the NaOH reaction surface, the solution is held in a rotating glass tube filled with a packed bed of glass Raschig rings. Using this method, the atmospheric CO2 is absorbed nearly quantitatively in the NaOH solution. The sample is then sent to the ICOS CAL CRL in Heidelberg, Germany for analysis. Currently, only the integral 14CO2 sampler produced by ICOS-CRL is eligible for the ICOS network. The level of 14C within the sampled CO2 is a tracer for the fossil fuel emissions.